Welcome to River's End: A Vaporeon Collection


Vaporeon has always been my favorite pokemon. My first piece of merch ever acquired for her was the old Tomy figure from the 90s. It was given to me by a friend, who moved away and ever since then it has been sitting on my shelf.  My goal is to get every piece of Vaporeon merchandise made, but sadly I don't know if that will ever happen. I'll give it a darn good run for its money though! So I give you my ever expanding Vaporeon collection!


6.13.12 - New URL! Remember to change all your links! :) 

I just moved so there are a bunch of new collection setup photos coming! 

I'm in the process of getting translations of the item names for easier reference. Bare with me and please let me know if any of my translations are incorrect!

Last Updated: 06.13.2012


Vaporeon has only has had three (known) official plush made of her, the pokedoll, bell plush and the Canvas series plush!  NEW! Coming in October 2012 the Banpresto I <3 Eevee promo keychain!


Bell Plush

(すずなり ポケモン ぬいぐるみ)

Made with felt and crushed velvet. Original Packaging.





These are all different releases of the pokedoll.

From left to right you have the newest 2008 Minky release, middle is the 2007 Velboa release and the one on the right is the original 2004 Velboa release.



Canvas Plush 


December 2009 Eevee Promotion Canvas plush.



I <3 Eevee Banpresto Keychain

Coming in October 2012


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1/40 Scale Zukan Figure (立体ポケモン図鑑) 


Tomy Monster Collection (モンスターコレクション) 

1998 - 2007

(The shiny vaporeon is a custom paint job)




(ポケモン キッズ) 

1998 to 2009



Mini Cot



Mini Models



Metal Collection Figures


Can Figures

These figures came in blind cans with other characters from the original 151



Full Color Stadium/Full Color Collection Figures

ポケットモンスター フルカラーコレクション)




Character Stamps (キャラクタースタンプ)

Stamps! I love stamps. On the left you have the 151 Chibi stampers (all three colors), then on the right the 151 Character Stamper. The middle is a Rose Art rubber stamp, with the same image as the Chibi Stampers. The image at the bottom is what all the stamps look like.


 Glow-in-the-Dark Keychain, Tomy Keychain,

Singing Keychain & Evolution Keychain




Jakks Pacific Figure

American release, the bottom half of the neck fin was unpainted, so I had to paint in the details.

 Battle Figure

This small figure originally came with a little stadium that could connect to another figure's stadium so they could battle.



In-Case Figure and Weighted Figure (ケース図、加重図で)

Incased figure.

Vaporeon Weebowobble figure

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Other Items


Johto Pokedex Charm, Eevee Promotion Charm,

Metal Swing Keychain, Pokemon 2000 Movie Promotion Pin


 Finger Snowboard and Finger Skateboard




 Mega Blok 



Bath Sponge Toy

Its about a quarter of an inch thick and squishy.



Mini 3D Standee

The only thing I know about this little guy is that he came from a Frito-Lay promotion in Thailand.  Stands about an inch high.


Battle Dice

One of three poses these dice come in. They are apart of a game where you are suppose to paint them their proper colors and roll for attacks. 



Metal dogtag and Meji wooden tag.


Magnet. I also have one with a clip on the back but in the same pose. 

American marble and power bouncer


Power Rollers - These come in lots of different colors, and I was lucky enough to get 4 of the different colors. American release.


 Battrio Pucks


From a popular arcade game in Japan


 Pogs, Coins and Other Round Things

 First off, I loved pogs as a kid, and I'm more than thrilled that vaporeon has so many different types of round flat objects with its image on them! Most of these are various pogs from games, there is also a coin that was part of a series of 151 for the first generation of pokemon. Other generations did get coins, but not every pokemon in those gens got a coin. They have different attacks on the back. And the bottom large round is a coaster from the 2009 December Eevee Promotion, it came in a set with all the eeveelutions.




 Towel featuring the first generation eevee evolutions.


 Banapresto Hankie

This features all the first generation eeveelutions and Eevee itself.



The three keychain/phonestraps are customs and the two lolly pops are from the December 2008 Eevee promotion.

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Cards and Flat Items




Standing Tomy style Vaporeon by Usakochan


Arigumi Sleeping Vaporeon by lunarchik

Vapshiba by Ritzyfox


PomPom Plush

 Marshmallow Plush





Custom Keychain by Caffwin



First Gen Eeveelutions Postcard by Mamath

Vaporeon Lucky Star

Custom Painted Wooden Keychains


 HeartGold/SoulSilver Bead Sprites - by Miss_Fuu_Chan


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